Our Story

Vitamin Honey, the link between the supplement world and the natural world. 

The idea for Vitamin Honey started after my brother was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. Due to this disease he developed nutrition complications and could not digest specific foods. In order to help him with this nutritional deficit he had to take supplements. Many of the supplements however would make him sick with their binders and fillers. I watched as he started to apply honey to many of his foods, since it was one of the only sweeteners he could have. From there on he used diet to battle the disease and officially healed from it (meaning he had zero symptoms). 

I wondered if there was a way that we could combine the two worlds and create a better way to take your vitamins. Thus, Vitamin Honey was born. With Vitamin Honey there are no unnecessary binders or fillers and the honey provides nutritional benefits as well. This solution provides your daily requirements for a given vitamin and is much more convenient than swallowing big pills. 

We wanted to make staying healthy, convenient and enjoyable for all. 


-Co founder

James Richard